Brian Findus Gaming 2014 Round Up

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What is your Game of the year for 2014?

Chris: Middle Earth: Shadow of Modor and Tranistor. Middle Earth: Shadow of Modor is an extremely enjoyable and solid game, with a great combat system and interesting enemies. The Orc power struggles make the game a great.  Transistor has a great art style an extremely good soundtrack and great mechanics

Charlie: Dragon Age: Inquisition. As a massive fan of the Dragon Age Series (by that I mean Origins, we don’t talk about 2) I was more excited about this game than most and my expectations were met in an amazing sequel to Dragon Age: Origins. Aside from the frequent failed texture loadings which make all the characters look like third degree burn victims.

What is your Expansion/dlc? of 2014? Chris: Viking Conquest, nothing beats the feeling of beating your shield as a horde of angry Viking bots approach you on the Viking invasion gamemode.

Charlie: Viking Conquest. I loved Napoleonic and, like my friends at BFG, I was excited for the Viking dlc. This turned out to be the most vicious dlc I’ve played yet, maybe coming a close second to the Ranger Mode in Metro: Last Light/2033. The AI are brutal and don’t let up at all and will slaughter you as soon as you are outnumbered. The multiplayer is amazing and because of this, I’ve played about five minutes on the SP and all my time on the MP.

What is your Game of 2013 now we have had a year to look back?

Chris: The Stanley Parable still remains relevant and is still amazing. Also Black Flag is still great and way better than unity

Charlie Spec Ops: The Line. The game that made me rethink being a twat in most games. It leads you into a false sense of “It’s ok, you’re doing the right thing”, like giving you a lovely pie. Before taking a bite into the pie and realising that you have a mouthful of “you’re a terrible human being, why did you do that you sick bastard”.

Biggest Disappointment of 2014:

Chris: Civillization: beyond earth failed to wow and as a fan of the Civillization series that has to be my greatest dissapoinment

Charlie: Exam Results

Shittiest Company?

Chris: 2014 is rather bizarre, EA haven’t been that bad apart from the dreadful dungeon keeper mobile game they haven’t been that bad. On the other hand Ubisoft have been very good at making cinematic games. If by cinematic you mean low frame rate. Unity also had a catastrophic launch

Charlie: EA. Why do you bother asking this question? Although a special mention goes to Ubisoft for being tremendously shit at producing a horrible, broken, unfinished pile of arse after releasing the second best game in the AC series the year before.

Any Special mentions?

Chris: Mount and Blade, with Napoleonic wars, an immensely enjoyable game. Prison Architect is progressing fantastically as well.  

Charlie: Thomas Was Alone. This game achieved more with simple shapes and good narrative than most Triple-A games do with millions of polygons and a massive budget.

What are you looking forward to next year?

Chris: Hearts of Iron 4 and Star wars Battlefront 3.  2 simple reasons here, I am hooked on the Paradox strategy games and I am a Star Wars Fan boy

Charlie: Star Wars Battlefront 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight. I love Batman and I love Star Wars. That is all.


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