Game Diaries: Sniper Elite V2

4 months after getting this game for free from steam, I finally decided to install Sniper Elite V2 – a 3rd person sniper stealth game from the developers of Rogue Warrior and Alien vs Predator, Rebellion.


As soon as I launched a game an advertisement for the DLC for Sniper Elite V2 and Sniper Elite 3 popped up and popped up every single time I launched the game and closed it. What makes it worse, if you actually buy both Sniper Elite 3 and the DLC for V2, the advert still shows up! It makes me less inclined to buy these products and is a bad marketing strategy by rebellion.

With that rant over, let’s talk about gameplay. Being a noob at shooters, I set the difficulty to ‘cadet’ and launched the first mission. Also being me I decided to use the SMG instead of the sniper that they provide you with and went guns blazing into the first mission, dying within about 15 seconds. Close-up, enemies are lethal and the game forces you to act stealthily unlike Alpha Protocol which gives you the choice.

However, when you do stealthily go around picking off Nazis from 100 meters away, you do get that buzzing feel, especially when they show you in slow motion how a well-guided bullet tunnels through Fritz’s skull. They also have that same idea but with the mortal combat-style X-Ray which shows you how your bullet destroyed his skull.



The missions are short and very linear and the story is about Karl Fairburne – an elite US sniper – trying to stop the V2 rocket plans from getting into Soviet hands (Very clever pun on Rebellion’s part). In a WW2 game, rebellion decided to introduce the cold war when historically, the US and USSR were allies when Germany fell.

After a while, the game stops being engaging as it’s the same thing but with a different background and the slow-motion gimmick gets boring. The constantly regenerating health and short missions stop any sense of flow and the world is horrifically empty; any person he does meet usually ends up lying in their own blood.

In conclusion, Sniper Elite V2 is not a bad game. It has good stealth mechanics and that cool slow-motion kill cam. However, the missions are short and the game stops being engaging. In my opinion, this game deserves a 7/10.


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