Review: Planetary Annihilation

Planetary Annihlation is a giant RTS game where you control your army of robots, it was funded by Kickstarter and has been in Early Access for some time. I bought Planetary Annihilation while it was in Early access and it is the first Early access game I have bought to come out of Alpha, so lets see how it holds upPA2.

The first thing I would like to point out the always online DRM is a pain.  Whilst it is quicker to connect to Uber’s servers than it was before it is still quite slow.  Even setting up a single player skirmish or a joining a battle in Galactic conquest takes time on top of the log in DRM.   My steam tells me that I have 21 hours in game, although I disagree, It is more likely to be 5 + hours of me trying to get past the Login in DRM and then another hour of me trying to get past other loading screens.



The game is also rather difficult to pick up an still lacks  a proper tutorial and there is a lot of features thrown in your face.  The best way to learn how to play is to play the galactic war because that way you can take it step by step.

However the game does have some great systems and mechanics, and so many of the units/building are really nice.  The naval units are really well designed, although I they are not as used as much as I would like.  The Gas giants are a really call concept, and the wide variety of units is really good.  The AI can be tricky to beat at first because of its ability to multitask but once you know what to do the AI is beatable.  On the whole the gameplay is solid and quite enjoyable.

Aesthetically the game isn’t the prettiest game but it isn’t ugly and the graphics work this sort of game so it is fine.  On the other hand the full orchestral sound track is great, and it really suits the game.


If you buy the game make sure you have a reliable internet connection and don’t have to worry about 3rd party fire walls.  If you want an epic sic-fi RTS, then this game is for you, just make sure you understand the game is heavily affected by always online DRM, still has a couple of bugs, and that the game can be quite crashy.  And be prepared to wait to get past loading screens.



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