Sims 4 missing 89 features

We already knew the Sims 4 was missing swimming pools, a fairly important feature for many people.  It turns out swimming pools is not the only feature missing, intact there are 88 other missing features.  Whilst some peoples first thought is that a lot would be sold as DLC, which is just a money grab that is not always the case.  Many features will not be possible in DLC because of the engine.  Some people may claim it is so the game can look better while running on low specs but even so the game doesn’t look good.

No open world is very off-putting and the lack of a mac port would stop a lot of causal player buying the game.  No 64 bit support proves the game is designed for people with rubbish computers.  As a piece of consumer advice: Don’y buy The Sims 4, if you must buy a Sims get The Sims 3 but an even better solution is just not to buy any games made by Maxis.



No create a style (CAST) – NOT possible in future expansions (x)
No modifications to world/public spaces – The park in the demo is a mix of a community lot and public space (x1) (x2)
No “normal” careers – Law enforcement, Medical, Business, etc. were removed (x)
No open world – You must incur a loading screen between each active lot; each neighborhood has 1-5 lots total (x1) (x2)
No pools (x)
No terrain tools other than paint; everything is perfectly flat (x)
No story progression – Sims in the neighborhood age, but do not have children, get jobs, move, get married…etc. without player intervention (x)
No toddlers (x)
No way to create/place new lots – And you only have 2 empty ones at the start of the game!
No Mac version of the game at release


All buildings on a lot must have the same foundation. No mixing for sheds, garages, etc. (x)
Babies are mere objects – All interactions are through basinet. There are no baby objects. Babies can only be lifted directly above basinet. (x)
Backgrounds are illusions – The buildings in the background are not playable in the game. (x)
Completely FLAT lots – The entire build-able world is completely flat (x)
Fewer floors/levels, limited to three (x1) (x2)
SIGNIFICANTLY smaller “worlds” of <25 lots compared to 125+ lots in TS3 (x)
Smaller lots – Lots are limited to 50×50 instead of 64×64. (x)
Loading screens for individual lots (x)
The map is a one-dimensional picture (x)
Teens are same height as adults and they, along with elders, all look nearly identical. (x)


No acne (x)
No aliens (x)
No animated hair (x)
No aspiration failures (x)
No babysitters (x)
No bartender (as NPC) (x)
No basements (x)
No bookstores (x)
No burglars (x)
No cars (not even as décor) (x)
No cemeteries (x)
No cutscenes (x)
No cleaning skill (x)
No clothes shopping (x)
No color wheel, predefined to ~20 colors (x)
No comfort need (x)
No curfew (x)
No customization of multi-tone hair color (users select only main color) (x)
No dinner proposals (x)
No diseases or illness (x)
No dreams (x)
No environment need
No eyelash length slider (x)
No favorites (food, color, music) (x)
No fears (x)
No full face make-up (x)
No garage doors (x)
No gardener for hire (x)
No ghosts (x1) (x2)
No grocery stores (x)
No male body hair (x)
No move object cheat (x)
No newspapers (x)
No opacity slider for makeup (x)
No party invitations from other Sims
No private school (x)
No rabbit holes at all – Sims move offscreen for work and school. There are no hospitals, work/school buildings…etc. (x)
No random or accidental deaths
No repairman (x)
No repo man – (x)
No restaurants
No skin slider (x)
No swimming/swimwear – Including lakes, fountains, etc. (x)
No tragic clown or social bunny (x)
No way to watch a Sim commute to work/school (x)
No website for browsing exchange or store (in-game only)
No zodiac signs


No bikes
No changing tables
No cribs
No dishwashers (x)
No highchairs
No hot tubs
No pool tables
No trash compactors (x)


32-bit executable – TS4 is not 64-bit, and cannot access more than 4GB of RAM. If you have more than 4GB then you are crippled.
Fewer traits in CAS (more traits must be unlocked/earned in-game)
Incompatible Simpoint currency – Sims 3 Store Simpoints do not work with TS4


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