So unsurprisingly Microsoft have been ridiculed after a conference, though this time it has been for claiming Tomb Raider is exclusive to X Box One and then admitting it is timed exclusive.  This is not the first time its happened, Ryse (Which is shit) is coming to PC later this year was an “Exclusive”  . It is such a shame to limit access to the sequel to of a critically acclaimed cross-platform game. What other games would satisfy any creepy perverts who want to masturbate over boob shots in video games? (Actually lets not answer that question)

Boob Shots exclusive to Xbone (Limited time only)

Boob Shots exclusive to Xbone (Limited time only)

I would like to question Microsoft’s logic (I am assuming such a deal would be rather expensive) in chucking money at Square-Enix , who have proved that they are shit with money (What sort of budget management would allow a game to sell 6 million copies and still make a loss) instead of investing the money in exclusive first party titles (something that isn’t bad for the consumer)

This is anti-consumer, nobody wins (except for twats who gain pleasure in people who bought the other console not being able to play a good game)



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