Civilization: Beyond Earth Announced

Considering that Civilisation 5 is one of my favourite games it is amazing how I haven’t written about it before.  Well I am not going to write about it now but I am going to write about the next civilisation game which is the spiritual successor to another one of Sid Meier’s games; Alpha Centauri


Firaxis released Alpha Centauri in 1999 as a spin-off from the Civilization series, putting a scifi twist on the 4X formula. It was and is beloved, but the rights remain with the game’s original publisher, Electronic Arts. Beyond Earth is Firaxis’ attempt to re-capture the original, only without the name

The Sci-finess and the narrative will give the game a different feel to the other games in the Civilization series

Will Miller: We try to take as much as we can from the fiction and put it in the map. When you kill the siege worm, you see its skull, and when you pick the skull up you may find a new quest thread that you can pick up and follow, and each time you complete an objective in that thread, you get a little bit of the fiction. We decided very early that we would imply more than we say. I think that’s really important, because the gaps the player’s going to fill in with their imaginations is a story that’s way more interesting than the one we could write ourselves. I think the more explicit you are about the narrative, the less the player gets to build it themselves. We’ve tried to strike a balance between content that we write, and building blocks of content that the players get to assemble into something really cool, and it belongs to them.


The game is due to come out in Autumn this year, so this may well be my game of the year, although Goat simulator for GOTY is a pun that is hard to miss.


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